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Glendale High School
Commons Addition

The Commons Addition is an attempt to merge existing forms from the original building completed in 1968, new forms introduced in the 2007 addition by GHN, and address new and different challenges. Addressing accessibility and finding ways to incorporate and provide interaction for three, very different programs, Dining, Library, and Commons spaces, are another objective for this project.

Exposed concrete in the Commons lends directly to the original building, which showcased exposed brick throughout two corridors that surrounded a courtyard, which made way for the Commons. The large, curved path with a red streak is both a nod to the 2007 Addition’s main circulation path while incorporating the main Glendale Falcon’s color.

Glazing, which provides distinct views of the Commons and the exterior, separates the Library spaces from the Dining and Commons spaces while columns cleanly separate the Commons from the Dining space.